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The show opens on a set that represents the two homes of bigamist Mr Smith (Steve Clement), which allows for simultaneous action in both locations. Enter son Gavin Smith with his mum Barbara (Jo Mulgrew) and daughter Vicki Smith with her mum Mary (Ruth Watson).


Both teenagers are discussing having met in an Internet chat room. They are amazed that they both have fathers named John Leonard Smith who are London taxi drivers, and since romance has blossomed, they are determined to meet in person.


The audience soon learns that the "amazing coincidences" are due to the fact that they indeed have the same father, but the characters are still in the dark.


When Dad gets wind of their plan to meet, chaos ensues as he tries to keep the teens apart and keep his dual life secret from both his wives and kids. John quickly enlists the help of his dopey boarder Stanley (Terry Wood), which only leads to hilarious lies, mistaken identities and mysterious phone calls. When Stanley's senile father (Neal Morcom) arrives for a holiday, it stirs up the antics even further.


A modern day comedy but with all the fast moving, just in time comedy of a traditional farce.