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Directed by Scott Steele, the third in the ‘Inspector Pratt’ series sees the less than triumphant return of the hapless ‘Defective’ to solve yet more grisly goings on at the now notorious Bagshot House.


Death By Fatal Murder sees the bumbling sleuth (Steve Clement) trying to get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance of one of his own officers.

He is helped, but more often hindered, in his enquiries by the eccentric inhabitants of the mysterious country manor house, as well as his trusty beat bobby, Constable Thomkins (Ollie Mills).


Clueless in every sense, the detective wastes no time in trying to arrest witnesses, eat vital evidence and leap to improbable conclusions while losing the thickening plot at every turn.


Could the killer be Bagshot Manor's new owner Nancy Alwright (Lou Marchant), horse and dawg loving lady of the manor (Debbie Munro) amorous Italian lodger Enzo Garibaldi (Neal Morcom), Welsh clairvoyant Blodwyn Morgan (Ruth Watson) or back-from-the-dead fighter pilot Squadron Leader Roger "Stiffy" Allwright? (Terry Wood) ?

All eventually gets revealed in this ‘Miss Marples meets Carry On’ comedy.


Scott Steele,

Janette Steele,

Ollie Mills,

Neal Morcom,

Lou Marchant,

Terry Wood,

Debbie Munro,

Steve Clement,

Ruth Watson.....


.....and a whole host of other crew members, helpers and supporters