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Marcus Hogben

I first joined Minster Playhouse back in July 2013. I had fancied doing some acting for some time and when I heard Minster Playhouse was a great place to start, I decided to attend an audition and I soon discovered that my source of information was not wrong. I found everybody to be really friendly and welcoming and generally a great bunch of people.


My first play with MPH was The Importance of Being Earnest in which I was cast in the role of Dr Chasauble. As this was my debut performance, I was understandably nervous but the other players were very forthcoming with advice and guidance, and were only too willing to share their experience. This really helped. The Importance of Being Earnest – or IOBE as everybody called it - was a great play to be part of and everybody involved was exceptional.


At Christmas I stepped up a notch, donning wigs, dresses and high heels to play the dame in Captains Hook’s Revenge. I found this a hugely enjoyable part to play and again everybody was a joy to work with and we had we had some great fun as they taught me to talk and act  like a man pretending to be a women and walk in heels,. The next production will be the May 2014 production of Move over Mrs Markham which again I am looking forward to starring in.


I have now decided to join the MPH management committee to see how it is all done, and perhaps help in shaping what we do in the future.


I would say as a whole everybody in Minster Playhouse are a great bunch of people who are extremely friendly and welcoming and I cannot wait to help and assist in any way I can in pushing the Playhouse forward to making it better than it already is! They are a brilliant lot!




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